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Services Rendered

Google Ad management, email marketing, customer contact strategy, Merchandise, catalog, spec sheet design, SMS Marketing, site and peripheral design. 

Case Studies, Portfolio
About This Project

Rifles and Returns.

Guns are like politics- you’ve got a side. When it came to Anarchy Outdoors, they knew their niche and had one goal: appeal to their tribe of Hunters, Protectors and Competitors. As a new e-commerce entity focused on growing a multi-million dollar rifle outfitting service, CEO Kurt Hansen turned to Cover3 to ramp up their e-commerce game in growing the Anarchy name and book of business online and beyond the borders of a small Northern Utah Town while growing a new client base and email list.

Cover3 Creative’s book of business prerogatives now accounts for 35% of business revenue and growing.

View the client website & social media pages we built: