Cover3 Creative Advertising | Fractional Marketing & CMO
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Fractional Marketing & CMO

C-Level Insight

You can afford more than “fits the budget” marketers with thin or very niche experience. Cover 3’s C-Level solution gives actionable insight and focused direction to your business’s overall strategy and forward-thinking marketing plan.

Affordable Expertise

Marketing has always had the conundrum of feeling like the luxury that comes after all the “nuts and bolts”. Fact is, the companies we serve don’t need to fill out an overhead-heavy team complete with CMO. Cover3 immediately provides C-level insights, reporting and initiative planning and execution of a full Marketing team at a fraction of traditional payroll.

Get and Forget

A Fractional Marketing CMO pushes all the marketing you’ve wanted to do- need to do- into the action pipeline. You’re free to focus on your business while C-level marketing minds focus on money-making marketing integrated with and for your business-  all with a full service toolset.

What is Fractional Marketing?

• Executive Level marketing know-how and management that’s integrated with exactly what your business needs


• Clear-Eyed and Understanding partners committed to the strategy and needs of your business- not just trendy buzzword practices.


• Create revenue growth using customized and proven marketing tool suites for deep, multifaceted effort and results.


• Enables the integration of key decision makers to align the business from strategy to planning to execution.

Do You Need Fractional Marketing?

The very nature of fractional marketing allows C3, as your marketing partners, to adapt quickly and easily to fit your needs and reach goals.

Our experience shows fractional marketing works best for companies who:


• Have no marketing director or CMO in place and are looking to pivot, scale, increase innovation or exit their business.


• Need a champion or coordinator on staff who can help execute internally.


• Desire the value of a partner and trust the proven fractional marketing process.


• Understand and value dedicated, consistent marketing as a driver of sales and revenue.