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All in marketing strategy & execution that boosts company growth and turns your business into a cash machine.


Facebook & Instagram Advertising

Harness the advertising power of social media by unleashing experts to help you increase your productivity bandwidth to grow and scale your business. We leverage the most powerful advertising platform in the world to tightly define your target market and guide them from awareness, to purchase, to advocate.

Google Ads Strategy & Management

Paid search isn’t easy. Sure, it’s relatively straightforward to put your offer in front of decision-ready customers, but scaling, testing and keeping a finger on the pulse of your campaigns can get very expensive and time consuming very quickly. Cover3 keeps a finger on the pulse of your custom- crafted campaign to drive spend down and conversions up.

Lead Generation & Nurturing

Leads are the lifeblood of sustained growth and returning customers. They also need to be gathered and communicated to over a repeated lifetime. Our motto: Earn your keep. For Cover3, the first order of business is knowing what any business needs to make our services worthwhile. Once there, we deliver or part ways. Simple as that.


Tik Tok Advertising & Strategy

Captivate and influence through the world’s fastest growing social media network. Tik Tok allows you to entertain and humanize your brand in new and sensational ways. First seen only as a youth driven network, Tik Tok now covers all demographics and has the ability to touch and drive measurable actions to reach your strategic goals.

E-Commerce Sales Funnels

More than trendy industry speak, sales funnels create a natural flow that takes potential customers from “interested” to “sold”. Cover3 creates funnels that work for businesses who understand a natural relationship beats a one and done. Always testing, always more effective.

Email Marketing & List Building

Still one of the most effective marketing channels around. Not as shiny as “the next best marketing thing”, an effective and regular email campaign system is the high performing bedrock of any business serious about engaging and retaining customers. Cover3 harnesses strategy and multi-channel practices to make email engage and convert.


Post Planning + Scheduling

If there’s one thing we find as we engage clients, it’s that Social Media is a time sink. Everyone knows it’s a cornerstone but not everyone has time or resources to make it strategic and engaging- much less answer the one off comments that create lasting biz/consumer relationships. Cover3 absorbs the time and planning needed to schedule and plan best practice social media that’s more than a vanity play.

Content Creation + Design

Planning doesn’t count for much if you don’t know what you’re planning for while supporting those plans with content and design. Our stable of designers melds with your brand to create unique content that magnifies your voice from the ground up.

Influencer Strategy + Management

We’ll go ahead and say it: Influencers are not the end all for a marketing plan. In fact, direct cash to influencer correlation will leave you wanting. But as part of an integrated marketing plan for relevant exposure, killer content and word of mouth? Gold. Our influencer network is hand-picked to maximize your exposure and drum up brand excitement and recognition.


Graphic Design

Award winning design in packaging, web, trade show and display provide you with elite design projects for any discipline. From concept to execution you are with top-notch design and creative services.

Brand Strategy

With experience in creating & growing national and international brands with sound strategy, you can trust your foundational decisions to Cover3.

Video + Multimedia

Video is a marketing foundation must-have across most major channels. Using the latest in audio and visual technology along with computer aided graphics and animation, our videos convert viewers to action.

Web Design

First impressions and credibility are a lynchpin to new customer trust. As the face and personality of your business, website design and creation creates the bedrock from which growth thrives. Cover3 works collaboratively to meld your voice to effective user experience.


The right image says it all. Whether packaging or lifestyle or anything in between, original, professional photography elevates and visually explains. Cover3’s photo solutions keep it in house, effective and gorgeous.

App + Web Application

Cover3 has vast experience building complex and powerful WebApp Web Applications to fit your custom marketing, sales or customer experience needs.

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