Cover3 Creative Advertising | KUBEX Fitness
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Services Rendered

Name creation, market research, saturation, influence, effectiveness, overcoming the objection in being a leader in boutique gym.
 Social Media Content Management, Lead Generation, Interior Display Design, Outdoor Design.

Case Studies, Portfolio
About This Project

Sparking a Fitness Revolution.
When you’re at the tip of the spear in pushing a new fitness mindset and laying the groundwork for a fitness boutique way ahead of the curve, branding and communication make all the difference. Based off a revolutionary and patented workout training concept,

Kubex Fitness had a few barriers to overcome- the gym would charge more than the big boxes- and for good reason. The development of cutting edge, pro athlete style conditioning in a clean, modern and cyclical setting put millions of dollars in research and testing to good use. Sports science aside, it was time to get down to the science of research and targeted know-how on how to brand, develop that brand as a new entity and effectively sell to a population conditioned to believe fitness was achieved in a traditional, intimidating and go it alone setting.