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Services Rendered

67 New employee Applications from ads alone in the course of 60 days- one new highly qualified hire per day.

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About This Project

What happens when gym banter jumps its banks to create niche targeted opportunity? Brand magic and a growth/KPI explosion for a fledgling company, that’s what.

Soon after acquiring the small private security firm Pride Investigations, new owner Corey B. knew he needed to bring the operation’s need for expansion in line with contemporary sales and marketing tactics. After a quick rundown of the potential for rebranding and online networking that could expand markets and the employee headcount to service them, Corey enlisted Cover 3.

Heart of a Lion

While PRIDE had been an acronym, research, insight based interviewing and a deep dive into employee culture yielded foundational mindsets and opportunity for differentiation in a competitive market: Pride wasn’t just a Security Service. Family, and treating all clients as such, was at the heart of their ethos.