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Google Ad management, email marketing, Social Media Management, Photo/Video Services, Merchandise design, E-commerce/Shopify, Google Ad management, site redesign/maintenance and peripheral design. 

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About This Project

“Send It” To The Bank.

Coeur d’Alene, Idaho couldn’t have been a more scenic opportunity for Timberline Adventures to capitalize on the rush of an eco-friendly zipline adventure. Every spring and summer, thousands of thrill seekers visit their 147 acre property to send it at 35 miles per hour and heights up to an adrenaline spiking 400 feet.

Timberline Adventures soon realized that with a growing tourist surge, stellar reviews  and increasingly competitive market, time to do it all was in short supply.

We went to work right away, streamlining the user experience on the website, crafting strategy to capture both local and tourist visitors in both on and off season while bolstering apparel sales, local partnerships, strategies to leverage on-site assets to extend the season and additional premium offerings. Our digital craftspeople went to work in hyper-targeting online lead funnels to increase booking and take the pressure off the physical office and the black holes of traditional ad spends.

The result? A $24 return for every $1 spent.

By the end of their first season, we’d surpassed first year’s revenue by $X and laid the groundwork for a booking machine that capitalized on the off season with a Shopify apparel store.

In our second year together, Cover3 and Timberline Adventures surpassed the previous year’s revenue amidst new competitors to the space while also earning Trip Advisor’s rank of the #1 Outdoor Attraction in Coeur d’Alene.

View the client website & social media pages we built: