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Services Rendered

Facebook ad strategy and management, email marketing, Social Media Management, Photo/Video Services, Google Ad management.

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About This Project

Finding the Way Home.

Home ownership remains a potent dream for most Americans. Factory Home Outlets has been delivering on that promise for decades- whether buying for the first time or seasoned homeowners just looking to downsize and settle down.

With a killer sales team in place, FHO was looking to kick up success in the digital space with ads and email, nurturing interest and demonstrating home ownership was more accessible and affordable than many had realized.

After a depp dive in segmenting their customer base, we got to work on building out funnels that understood who they were talking to.

In just two weeks, we had slashed their typical cost per lead in half, delivering daily traffic to their site at pennies on the dollar and pushing previously unseen- and more importantly qualified- prospects to a stellar sales force.

View the client social media pages we built: